What makes Bluffton Pediatrics unique?

Bluffton Pediatrics is the first medical practice of its kind in Bluffton's 150-year history. We specialize in pediatric primary care.

  • Our primary care provider is a pediatric nurse practitioner.
  • We have extensive pediatric training and experience.
  • We spend at least 20 minutes with each patient.
  • The business is independently owned and operated.

Bluffton Pediatrics is just 2 minutes from Exit 142 on I-75 and 6 minutes north of Lincoln Hwy. That means we are:

  • 15 minutes from Pandora
  • 15 minutes from Ada
  • 18 minutes from Arlington
  • 21 minutes from Findlay
  • 22 minutes from Lima
  • 23 minutes from Columbus Grove