At Bluffton Pediatrics we are adapting to best serve you.

Rather than just cancel all non-urgent appointments, we have options for you as Parents or Caregivers of the under 18-year-old population.

We will be offering Tele-Health Visits using a HIPPA secure connection called Zoom. Zoom can be used on your Smart phone via an APP from the Apple or Google store or by using a computer with audio and video camera. Visit for technical information.

Bluffton Pediatrics now offers Tele-Health Visits for Acute Care needs, Wellness Care, and Mental Health concerns like anxiety, depression, stress and ADHD management.

Bluffton Pediatrics will be offering Home Visits to our most vulnerable patients such as infants less than 2 months old, children with chronic health issues as well as our children with developmental delays and Autism. Parents and Caregivers will be able to choose Tele-Health or Home Visits – whatever works best for your situation.

We will be doing some quick tests in our office setting depending on what your child needs to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Tele-Health Visits will be billed to your insurance company. If your child has no health insurance, we will offer care at an affordable cost.

If your child is ill, contact us. Do NOT take them to an Emergency Room or Urgent Care. Call us first.

Using Bluffton Pediatrics as your first point of contact regarding your child’s symptoms of illness will help reduce your family’s risk of COVID-19 exposure. It will also leave the Emergency Room staff and resources available for those in a life-threatening situation.

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 8 am to 6 pm, and Fridays 8 am to noon. Call the Bluffton Pediatric office number during those hours for best service. After office hours and on weekends, call or text Beth or Michelle with your urgent questions. And of course, you can always message us through the Patient Portal for your non-urgent questions or concerns.