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Q: Do you have gift-giving advice for parents?

Sure! Want to do good for your child? Keep holiday gift giving simple.

Miss Beth suggests choosing 1) need, 2) want, 3) wear, and 4) read!

 need, want, wear, read

News from Bluffton Pediatrics

  • VIDEO: Excellent medical care for children

    Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Beth Bish takes the time to listen and provides excellent medical care for children. 

  • Safe2Tell

    From Miss Beth: I have shared the Safe2Tell website information with Senator Matt Huffman, Representative Bob Cupp, my professional organization - Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses - as well as a private FB group of Ohio's Advanced Practice Nurses over 4,200 members. Who can you share the Safe2Tell website with to help make a difference?

  • About Us

    Bluffton Pediatrics is an independent practice owned by Beth and Jim Bish.

    Our staff is devoted to providing excellent care for children by giving you more time and information.

    BP staff 2018

    L-R: Christine Smith Clymer, Jim Bish, Beth Bish, Onalee Shepler

Information and Alerts

  • Starting "the talk"

    ​Don't know where to start "the talk" with your child?

    Miss Beth recommends reading "Here's How to Answer Your Kid's Sex Questions Without Making it Weird." sex questions?

  • It's cold!

    When it's cold, icy, and snowy, Miss Beth hears lots of concerns about how to dress children, treat chapped skin, and prevent frostbite.

    Check these tips from (click READ MORE below) and stay in touch––we're here for you!

  • First Aid Quiz: Burns

    Do you know what to do for a burn and when they require medical attention? Nationwide Children's Hospital can refresh your knowledge!